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#1 Mobile Phone of 2017

Samsung Galaxy S7

Screen size: 5.1in | Storage: 32/64GB | Weight: 152g | Processor: Octa-core Exynos | Rear cam: 12MP | Front cam: 5MP | Battery: 3,000mAh | Screen res: 2560 x 1440 | Display density: 577ppi

Samsung well and truly cemented its place as the smartphone manufacturer to beat in 2016. The Galaxy S7 was the first major flagship refresh of the year, and it set the bar very high for the rest of the market. The Galaxy S7 manages to combine amazing build quality with powerful performance and impressive battery life to create a phone that is frankly tough to beat.

#2 Mobile Phone of 2017

Apple iPhone 7 Plus

Screen size: 5.5in | Storage: 32/128/256GB | Weight: 168g | Processor: Apple A10 Fusion | Rear cam: Dual 12MP | Front cam: 7MP | Battery: 2,900mAh | Screen res: 1920 x 1080 | Display density: 401ppi

If you can get past the loss of the 3.5mm headphone jack, the iPhone 7 Plus is a powerful phone that seriously competes with Samsung’s devices for top billing in this list.

#3 Mobile Phone of 2017

Huawei Mate 9

Screen size: 5.9in | Storage: 64GB | Weight: 190g | Processor: Octa-core Kirin 960 | Rear cam: Dual 20/12MP | Front cam: 8MP | Battery: 4,000mAh | Screen res: 1920 x 1080 | Display density: 373ppi

The first major flagship of 2017 comes from Chinese manufacturer Huawei, and it’s a keeper. Having strengthened its collaboration with Leica, Huawei’s dual camera setup delivers incredible photos for a smartphone, which is reason enough to consider this larger than life handset.

But Huawei kept the improvements coming, from shifting the fingerprint sensor to the back and making it incredibly fast, to incorporating not just a great battery but also intelligent charging features. The processor is also incredibly fast, putting it at the top of the current pack for multi-core performance.

#4 mobile phone of 2017

Google Pixel XL

Screen size: 5.5in | Storage: 32/128GB | Weight: 168g | Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 | Rear cam: 12MP | Front cam: 8MP | Battery: 3,450mAh | Screen res: 2560 x 1440 | Display density: 534ppi

Google may be the driving force behind the Android operating system, but the search giant has dipped its toes into the well of mobile handsets too. The Pixel XL makes a big deal of its integrated camera, which sings in natural light situations by producing vibrant images. Like most mobile cameras though, it still struggles in low light.

Google has also focused on delivering a super smart digital assistant in the Pixel XL, with voice control technology that learns over time to basically deliver you the best information you need using easy to understand natural language.

Unfortunately, the phone’s design is rather dull though.

#5 mobile phone of 2017

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

Screen size: 5.5in | Storage: 32/64GB | Weight: 157g | Processor: Octa-core Exynos | Rear cam: 12MP | Front cam: 5MP | Battery: 3,600mAh | Screen res: 2560 x 1440 | Display density: 534ppi

Samsung has stretched itself magnificently this year to release a trio of truly superb flagship phones. The Galaxy S7 Edge is the true powerhouse of the three, happily sitting at the top of the performance and battery life benchmark charts even 6 months after launch.

That said, the curved screen still feels like a bit of gimmick, even after a couple of years of development, and makes the phone a bit more slippery to hold, which is why it sits below the other two Galaxy flagships in this list.

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