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Mobile Repair Services

At our Nedlands repair store, we specialise in fast turnaround times and competitive pricing for all makes and models of mobile phones. We understand that your mobile phone is an essential part of your day to day activities and therefore you need prompt and reliable service. For more information on the services we provide at Mobile Fone Care Nedlands, please click one of the services below.

iPad Repair Perth

Mobile Fone Care Nedlands provide a variety of iPad repairs and technical solutions. This includes iPad screen repairs, broken home buttons, varying degrees of water damage etc. We also off iPad Mini Repairs in Nedlands and we can fix almost any problem with them up to and including rebuilds. However, we specialise in iPad display repairs and replacing the LCD screen and digitizer components.

iPhone Repairs Perth

We all know how frustrating it is when your iPhone screen/ back breaks. Our aim is simple we provide a quick and cost effective way of replacing your screen so you are without your phone for the minimum time possible. We also provide other common iPhone repairs such as broken home buttons, speakers and replacement batteries.

Samsung Repairs Perth

Mobile Fone Care is Nedlands premier Samsung Galaxy S3 and Galaxy S4 repair service. We are able to repair a wide range of problems with the Samsung Galaxy S2, Galaxy S3, and the new Galaxy S4. Here at Mobile Fone Care we are able to assist with any repair needs that may arise with any samsung models.