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Boost Battery Life

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Boost battery life: 1. Dim the screen brightness or use auto brightness

You love your smartphone’s large, colourful display, but it’s the battery‘s mortal enemy. More than any other component of your phone, the display consumes battery life at a devastating pace. Most phones include an auto-brightness feature that automatically adjusts the screen’s brightness to suit ambient lighting levels.

Boost battery life: 2. Keep the screen timeout short

Under your phone’s display settings menu, you should find an option labeled ‘Screen Timeout’ or something similar. (On an iPhone, look for Auto-Lock in the General settings menu.) This setting controls how long your phone’s screen stays lit after receiving input, such as a tap.

Boost battery life: 3. Turn off Bluetooth

No matter now much you love using Bluetooth with your hands-free headset, your wireless speaker or activity tracker, the extra radio is constantly listening for signals from the outside world. When you aren’t in your car, or when you aren’t playing music wirelessly, turn off the Bluetooth radio.

Boost battery life: 4. Turn wifi off

Wifi when not logging into your home internet or friends drains a serious amount of battery juice constantly searching for new wifi networks

Boost battery life: 5. Turn off your GPS

Your gps is constantly accessing satellites and then pining your phones gps which uses a huge amount of battery

Boost battery life:  6. Close down Apps not running

Leaving apps running in the background chews up a huge amount of battery without you even noticing always get in the habit if turning off your apps once you stop using them.