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Common Phone Repairs Perth

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In the last year alone we have seen a staggering amount of repairs and thus, we wanted to share with you the most popular mobile phone repairs. Whether you have dropped your iPhone or Android device on the dance floor on a fun-filled night out, or are just fed-up of having a few hours use before your battery gives up the ghost, we’ve seen it all!

As you can expect broken front screens top the list for Android, iOS and Windows devices, and most of these involve some kind of smashed screen mishap.

A broken screen can relate to a number of issues, it could be the glass that has broken, the LCD display, or the digitiser. Mobilefonecare use the highest quality bonded units in our repairs which means that the digitiser that makes the touch screen work, the LCD, and glass are all bonded together as a unit. This eliminates any issues occurring from fitting these parts individually and running into misalignment between the display, glass and the digitiser.

In total, broken screens accounted for 80% of our mobile phone repairs, which goes to show that people really need to hold onto their devices.  The other 20% were made up of other repairs such as battery replacements, button faults, sound issues and charging issues.

The Galaxy S5 tops our table of the highest Android repairs, which isn’t a surprise since the phone sold over 12 million units in just 3-months when it was first released. What is a surprise is that the S4 came in second because this version of the Galaxy range actually sold only 4 million more units in the same time period.

Sony are the other Android manufacturer that appear in our list of top repairs.

Android Model Repair
Samsung Galaxy S5 Broken Front Screen
Samsung Galaxy S4 Broken Front Screen
Sony Xperia Z2 Broken front screen
Sony Xperia Z3 Broken Front Screen
Sony Xperia Z5 Broken Front Screen


Despite the 5S, 5C, 6 and 6+ being newer than the iPhone 5, it didn’t stop the 2012 iPhone topping our iOS table, a close second being the hugely popular iPhone 6.

iOS Model Repair
Apple iPhone 5 Broken Front Screen
Apple iPhone 5S Broken Front Screen
Apple iPhone 6 Broken Front Screen
Apple iPhone 5c Broken Front Screen
Apple iPhone 4S Broken Front Screen


Remember, all phones are prone to breaks, bumps and smashes – it doesn’t matter if you have an expensive phone or a cheap phone and that’s where Mobilefonecare come in to help. So, if you have been unfortunate enough to break your pride and joy then give us a call to diagnose a problem on 1300 660 667.