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First 4 things to do with an Ipad

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1) Back-up you Ipad data


Since you have purchased a new device, you may be wondering why we recommend backing up your data first.   First and foremost, and this can never be overstated enough–anytime you are upgrading to a new device, you need to back-up your data–preferably in more than one place.  I generally back-up my devices to iCloud as well as in iTunes.  It might seem excessive until that one time when you don’t have it. I highly recommend you turn on automatic iCloud back-ups.  It’s easy, convenient, and it happens in the background while you sleep at night as long as you are connected to Wi-Fi.

2) Update/download iTunes software

Whether you eventually choose to back-up your data using iTunes or not, it’s always best to make sure your software is up-to-date with the latest version.  This is especially important for Windows users who don’t already have iTunes on their PC.  To download the latest version you can visit the iTunes website for the latest version of Windows or Mac.

3) Start initial set-up

So, now your data is backed-up and you have the latest version of iTunes software, the next step is to fire it up.  For new iPad owners, the power button is on the top right side of the device when held in portrait mode.  You will now be prompted with a series of initial questions ranging from selecting  your language preference and geographical location, to entering in your Wi-Fi network user-name and password.  You will also be asked about turning on location services for your iPad

4) Passcode & Touch ID set-up

Setting up a passcode is a very important step in protecting the data on your iPad.  Apple defaults to the (4) digit code, but also has an option for an alphanumeric code made up of numbers, letters or symbols.  The next step in your iPad set-up involves managing Touch ID.  I can’t say  enough about the merits of this added security and convenience, and how it makes your experience on iOS that much better.