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Future of Mobile Phones

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It has been 30 years since mobile phones were first introduced to the market. Since then they have evolved from a brick to a miniature super computer that can do almost anything. 

Below is a few suggestions provided by experts on what your mobile phone could do in the future.

1-2 years

Recent years have seen the resilience of the brick phone traded for beauty of the slim touch screen devices. However over the next year or so mobiles are expected to become unbreakable devices. Soon all devices will be made of materials such as scratch and shatter-proof ion-infused glass as well as liquid metal for cases, which is nigh-on indestructible as it bounces back to its original shape after being dented.

3-5 years

With smartphone screens getting bigger and people spending more time on mobiles than any other device expect to see super-high resolution, cinema-quality displays rock handsets. Soon there will be full 4K screens (that’s four-times the resolution of High Definition) right in the palm of our hand. If you think 4G browsing on your phone is pretty speedy today, just wait a few years and you’ll be blown away. The next-generation wireless mobile network could be quick enough to download a high-def movie in just 30 seconds. The infrastructure of this technology is being readied for a 2020 release.

6-10 years

The Foldable mobile would consist of a super thin, super strong and conductive wonder material, Graphene. There wouldn’t be a need for both tablet and mobile, or the decision of what screen size to go for — imagine being able to unravel a screen to different sizes whether you want more space for browsing or less to just make a call. We know mobile makers are keen on this flexible, wrappable, mouldable, unbreakable form factor and research labs like the Human Media Lab at Queen’s University in Canada have already produced a primitive folding handset. Batteries last about as long as an asthmatic in a sprint race these days but in the hi-tech future we could see our devices run for 20 years on a single charge.

10-15 years

If sci-fi films have taught us anything it’s that holographic floating displays will burst out of our mobile devices in the future. They’re not wrong. A 3D screen materialising in thin air we can prod and manipulate is already in development from start-up Ostendo Technologies. Wearable technology is already trying to bridge the necessity to carry a phone and in years going forward we will see the physical handset disappear from pockets altogether. New smartwatches and smartglasses operated by spoken command will become the primary communications device to make the mobile vanish.

20-30 years

In twenty years we’ll look back and laugh at how we once had to actually hold our phones to operate them. Going way beyond wearables, a smart contact lens could offer a device-free experience to display messages, web pages, directions and video literally right in front of your eye.