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iPhone 6 spurs ‘abnormal’ repair numbers.

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iPhone 6 spurs ‘abnormal’ repair numbers. Mr Twining said the longevity of hardware components, such as speakers, microphones and buttons, generally had not changed for 20 years. Photo:¬†Replacing smashed glass is the most common repair made to smartphones. (ABC News: Malcolm Sutton) He has, however, received an abnormally high rate of repair requests for the new iPhone 6 “from day one” following its launch last month. “Previously all the phones could be gripped in your hand while you’re walking down the street,” Mr Twining said. “But the iPhone 6 is a much bigger size and people are just balancing them on their hand rather than gripping them, and they’re falling.” Another typical repair he made was to the Samsung Galaxy S5 that was released earlier this year, as a water resistant device. “It’s designed to be water resistant and it’s pretty good, but the small print says that under no condition is this phone impervious to water,” Mr Twining said. “But people see the adverts and see people falling in swimming pools and think it’s fine.” A spokesperson for Apple declined to comment on the lasting integrity of iPhones or built- in obsolescence, but said its recent models had made a new sales record by selling more than 10 million devices in the first three days of its launch. Samsung did not respond to a request for comment.