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iPhone 6s

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Apple’s iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, released in September, have only been available for a few months, but rumors about the next-generation iPhone are already trickling in. It’s likely Apple will continue its 2014 trend, offering the 2015 iPhone in two separate sizes — one larger and one smaller.

It’s not clear what Apple will call its 2015 iPhones, but Apple may stick to its long running “S” naming scheme calling the new phones the iPhone 6s and the iPhone 6s Plus. iPhone 6s Plus is a mouthful though, so it is possible that this might be the year that we get a new naming format. One analyst believes Apple might call its next-generation phone the “iPhone 7” due to the significance of the new changes being implemented, but it’s far too early in development to know for sure.

We don’t have many details on the next-generation iPhone yet, but because it’s an “S” year and because the iPhone was just redesigned, it’s likely the update will focus on internal improvements rather than a new external look. There may be at a couple external change, though. There’s been a rumor that Apple could add a new color option to its iPhone lineup in 2015 — pink. We’ve also seen a rumor suggesting Apple might opt to use the same 7000 series aluminum used in the Apple Watch in the next-generation iPhone. The aluminum is 60% stronger than standard aluminum but still lightweight.

In the past, “S” upgrades have brought features like Siri, Touch ID, new processors, and camera improvements. Based on these past updates, we can assume that at the very least, the 2015 iPhones will receive new, more powerful A9 processors produced by Samsung to improve performance and some form of camera enhancement. There have also been a lot of rumors suggesting the next-generation iPhones will gain the Force Touch feature first introduced with the Apple Watch.

The two new devices will also continue to offer features that have become integral to the iPhone, including Touch ID support, NFC for Apple Pay, 802.11ac Wi-Fi capabilities, and LTE Advanced.