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iPhone & iPad Repairs

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Repairing your iPhone/iPad has become the best option for broken/damaged devices. Especially when a replacement will cost a lot of money. Mobilefonecare have established themselves as the “go to” option for your broken iPhone or iPad. As a professional repair shop, we can get your device fixed quickly – sometimes while you wait – and for MUCH LESS than a replacement device!

So you’ve decided to fix your device, now you need to decide where to go for the repair.

For Apple products, the Apple store is certainly an option, but is it the BEST option for you?

  • First, did you BUY Apple Care+ (if no, it will be expensive – see below).
  • Secondly, you’re going to need an appointment (That takes some time).
  • Third, now you either pack & ship or go wait at the Apple store (Yawn).
  • Oh and, you will PAY an “Incident Fee” (What did you think it was free?).
  • Last thing, they will only allow you 2 “incidents”, no more (rules is rules)!
  • A simple phone call to Mobilefonecare will establish which option you choose, to go to Apple or repair your device with us. As simple as that.
  • So you didn’t PAY extra for AppleCare+ when you bought your iPad, uh oh.