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Mobile Repair Myths

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Below are 4 of the most common myths regarding mobile phone repairs.

Mobile phone repair technicians are licensed and certified

There is no licensing or certification for mobile phone repair technicians. Many can be talented technicians, but they are not certified by an institute. Some technicians may have taken IT training however the majority of it is hands on experience.

Voiding your warranty

People are afraid that having their phone fixed by a 3rd party will void their warranty. Unless they are an actually an authorised repairer, this can often be the case.  However, many modern phones like the iPhone only have a 1 year warranty and the majority of devices with broken screens etc are not covered in the warranty anyway. So, rather than buying a new phone, get your phone fixed and save money.

Fixing the phones are expensive

Once upon a time mobile repairs use to be costly, when mobiles used to be costly.  However, the price of mobile devices has dropped a lot over the years and as time passes, the cost of fixing the device goes down as well. Almost every phone can be repaired regardless of its fault. The customer can get mobile phone repaired with warranty for a limited time as well.

How hard it can be to fix a phone?

Most people believe if they buy parts from the internet, they can repair the phone by themselves. This is hardly the case, as professionals have experience and knowledge to fix any device. It is always advised to let the experts handle the repairs.