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A new report released recently shows that both Facebook and Twitter users spend more time using those networks on mobile devices than they do on traditional computers or laptops.

Facebook mobile users spent more than 7 hours engaging via browsers or apps in March, as compared to six hours via the computer. Twitter mobile users, meanwhile, spent more than 2 hours engaging on mobile devices, as compared to just 20.4 minutes on Twitter.com. Social networking proved to be a particularly popular activity on smartphones with several brands demonstrating exceptionally high engagement, in some cases higher than the corresponding time spent by users via traditional web access.

Facebook once again led the pack among social networking brands, with the average Facebook mobile user engaging for more than 7 hours via browser or app in March. The 25.6 million Twitter mobile users  had an average engagement of nearly 2 hours during the month. By comparison, people visiting on their computers spent just 20.4 minutes on Twitter.com, highlighting the importance of mobile engagement for mobile-centric brands.