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Water Damaged Mobile Repairs

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We get this call all the time: “Do you guys fix water damaged phones? I just dropped mine in the toilet.” Yes, the toilet is one of the top 5 reasons for water damage repair. A few others include “I dropped it in my coffee,” “My friend tipped her beer over on it,” and “I was taking a bath.” The point of this post is to let you know that fixing a water damaged phone is, at best, a 50/50 proposition. To understand why a water damage repair is so hard to fix, let’s start with how liquid damages a cell phone. There are three basic things it can do:

  1. Some of the non-motherboard components get damaged. This might be the battery, screen, power button, charging port, etc. These are generally pretty easy to replace and not a problem if you can identify which components are bad.
  2. Some of the components on the motherboard get shorted out and damaged beyond repair. This basically turns your phone into a paperweight (you can do some soldering tricks but they aren’t usually economically feasible).
  3. Some of the wiring on the motherboard corrodes and creates a shortage with other wiring. This is often fixable – at least in the short term.